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PLPGMDecoder Class Reference

#include <plpgmdec.h>

Inheritance diagram for PLPGMDecoder:

PLPicDecoder PLBmpInfo

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Detailed Description

Portable Graymap file decoder. Delivers an 8 bpp grayscale image.

Definition at line 25 of file plpgmdec.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void AssertValid () const
void AsString (char *psz, int len) const
virtual void Close ()
int GetBitsPerPixel () const
int GetHeight () const
virtual void GetImage (PLBmp &Bmp)
const PLPointGetResolution () const
const PLPointGetSize () const
int GetWidth () const
bool HasAlpha () const
bool IsGreyscale () const
virtual void MakeBmp (PLBmp *pBmp, int BPPWanted=0)
virtual void MakeBmpFromFile (const char *pszFName, PLBmp *pBmp, int BPPWanted=0, PLIProgressNotification *pProgNot=NULL)
virtual void MakeBmpFromMemory (unsigned char *ucMemSrc, int MemSrcSize, PLBmp *pBmp, int BPPWanted=0, PLIProgressNotification *pProgNot=NULL)
virtual void MakeBmpFromURL (const char *pszURL, PLBmp *pBmp, int BPPWanted=0, PLIProgressNotification *pProgNot=NULL)
virtual void Open (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
void OpenFile (const char *pszFName, PLIProgressNotification *pProgNot=NULL)
bool operator== (const PLBmpInfo &Other) const
 PLPGMDecoder ()
 Creates a decoder.
void SetDataSrc (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
virtual ~PLPGMDecoder ()
 Destroys a decoder.

Static Public Member Functions

static void raiseError (int Code, char *pszErr)
static void SetTraceConfig (int Level, char *pszFName)
static void Trace (int TraceLevel, const char *pszMessage)
 Called to output status messages to the current debug console.

Protected Member Functions

PLBYTE ReadByte (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
PLLONG ReadILong (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
PLWORD ReadIWord (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
PLLONG ReadMLong (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
PLWORD ReadMWord (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
void SetBmpInfo (const PLBmpInfo &SrcInfo)
void SetBmpInfo (const PLPoint &Size, int bpp, const PLPoint &Resolution, bool bAlphaChannel, bool bIsGreyscale)
PLBYTE * unpackPictRow (PLBYTE *pLineBuf, PLDataSource *pDataSrc, int Width, int rowBytes, int SrcBytes)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bAlphaChannel
bool m_bIsGreyscale
int m_bpp
PLPoint m_Resolution
PLPoint m_Size

Private Member Functions

void expandASCIILine (PLBYTE *pDest, int MaxGrayValue, int Width, PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
void expandByteLine (PLBYTE *pDest, int MaxGrayValue, int Width, PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
int readASCIIDecimal (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
PLBYTE * readASCIILine (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
PLBYTE readASCIIPixel8 (int MaxGrayValue, PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
void readData (PLBmp *pBmp, PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
void readImage (PLBmp *pBmp, PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
void readPgmHeader (PGMHEADER *pPgmHead, PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
void skipComment (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)
void skipPgmASCIISeparators (PLDataSource *pDataSrc)

Private Attributes

PLBYTE m_LastByte
bool m_UseLastByte

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